Friday, September 26, 2008

those eyes

I did this in the morning at work during our speed session. This one's from a mirror and I love it! Working from life creates such unique results. This isn't a perfect representation of me, but you can see the likeness for sure, and that is what makes working from life so awesome. No two drawings are the same! There is always a new interpretation! Yea!


Tommy omioxinfree said...


Hannah said...

Hi, Matt!

Wow! I'm really impressed! I especially love your self portraits, your co-worker, and sketches. I guess we must come from an artsy-fartsy gene pool or something! Anyway, it's great to see what you do! I'll be checking in!

Your Cousin Hannah

PS. Wasn't sure if you knew about my website:

Samantha Lewis said...

Nice portrait matt! Nice blog too, whats the update on KC - gonna come and check it out some more?

NickZ. said...

Very cool self portrait. Good to see you have your blog up and running!

Peace bro-NickZ. :)

Andrew said...

Done from a mirror huh? Pretty amazing...wish I could draw like that but from looking at other self portraits I totally agree that no two drawings are the same. You should upload it to MySpace by the way.