Tuesday, May 24, 2011

love means war - stefanotto

This is the artwork that I did for my friend Stefanotto's album cover entitled Love Means War. He is both an inspirational person and a  talented artist. I am happy to work with him! The album will be releasing on Monday, May 30th! You should totally check it out! Yesssss!

You can find him on twitter: @StefanOttomusic.


berni said...

Nice work and I'll look into his music, too.

Lina-Paola said...

I really love the depth in this piece, and the relationship between the figures. You have also made a very clear relationship between the title and artwork. Good job! Can't wait to see more of your work!

Malenadu said...

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Design-world said...

good work :)

ModnaRX said...

You got skills dude!

Mac said...

Stumbled across your blog... Just had to leave a comment to say that I really enjoyed all of your artwork. I hope you continue to post. I'd like to see more!